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Abacus: Responsive Blog and WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Abacus is a trendy and unique WordPress Blog and WooCommerce Theme aimed at individual sellers and small enterprises. It is based on top-notch web-design and WordPress code quality standards which gives it a refreshing look while keeping up with latest design trends in the industry.

Abacus comes packed with useful features custom post-formats, easy to use theme options using the Customizer, WooCommerce support and much more. The theme comes with free CC Essentials plugin that enhances the feature set of your theme by many folds. It adds the following functionality to the Abacus theme:

CC Shortcodes: Adds various shortcodes to display HTML elements on your site.
Love It! button: Displays a heart button on posts and pages.
Social buttons: Adds social buttons to be displayed in the site’s footer.

Bootstrap 3 grid
Abacus WordPress theme is based on the powerful and widely used Bootstrap 3 framework. The theme uses a custom 24-column grid for more flexibility.
Homepage Masonry Grid & Classic Layouts

Abacus theme’s homepage can be displayed in either classic full-width layout or beautiful Masonry grid layout to show your blog-posts. As you scroll, new posts appear with a subtle and beautiful animation.

Choose between ‘Load More’ button or Pagination

Abacus theme lets you choose between a paginated layout or a ‘Load more…’ button to display next set of posts on the homepage. You don’t need extra plugins to make this work. Both the options are in-built to the theme. simply select one of them in the Customizer.

Enhanced Post-formats

Yes, post-formats are literally on steroids in this theme! You need to see it to believe it. Not only does this theme support Post-formats (Quote, Audio, Video, Aside & Gallery), it takes them to another level. The theme adds extra functionality to make your post-formats really stand-out.

Multiple Quotes as slider with optional background image. When you select the Quote post-format option in the post-editor, the Quote settings appear. Here you can add multiple quotes and even specify the text color of the quote that you think would go best with the featured-image as background.

Gallery as a slider. Select the Gallery post-format and simply paste the gallery-shortcode in the Gallery settings to display your gallery as a slider on home and archive pages.

Display native audio and audio/video from Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, Vimeo, etc as featured media. The Audio and Video post-formats, has their own settings offered by the theme. Upload your audio (in formats supported by WordPress) or paste URLs of Youtube and Vimeo videos or add embed codes. The theme displays them as featured content right above your post.

Author-box on posts for Multi-author blog

abacus WordPress theme provides author-box on blog posts which is useful for multi-author blogs. It can be turned on/off via the Customizer. It is a great way to show a brief bio of authors along with links to their social network accounts. The theme also lets you add more social networks for authors (users) to display them in the author-box.

Free CC Essentials Plugin

When you install and activate this theme, WordPress will prompt you to install CC Essentials plugin. This plugin is developed by us to add various functionality to this theme. This plugin is required for this theme to work optimally.

CC Essentials plugin adds the following modules / functionality to the theme:

CC Shortcodes: Adds various shortcodes available for use in the post-editor to display HTML elements on your site.
Love It! button: Displays a heart button on posts and pages, stores likes and adds a ‘Most loved posts’ widget.
Social buttons: Adds social buttons to be displayed in the site’s footer.
Super easy Customizer Options

Setup and manage the settings of your site with the Abacus Settings section in the WordPress admin area and the theme customizer located in Appearance ? Customize. It is very intuitive and well-documented. Every option has an explanation beside it. Using the Customizer, you can upload your logo, change the homepage intro and theme skin, setup breadcrumbs, enable Facebook comments or Disqus comments and various other settings related to the theme.

Disqus and Facebook comments module

Abacus’s theme customize panel lets you quickly switch between native WordPress comments and third-party commenting systems like Disqus or Facebook comments. These are quite popular and many successful blog authors use them. You can too! Please note that the theme does not import/export comments to these services.

Translation ready

Abacus WordPress theme supports localization and can be translated to any language. The theme package is provided with .pot/.mo translation files located in the ‘languages’ folder in the theme’s root.

Key features round-up
Post Formats Support, including the following formats:
Standard Post – includes a featured image in the header
Video Post – features native video or video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc via URLs or embed codes
Aside Post
Quote Post – with multiple quotes as slider with background featured image
Gallery Post – with multiple images as slider
Masonry layout for homapage
‘Load more…’ posts via AJAX or Pagination option
SEO Optimized – the theme has been built with all the main SEO best practices in mind
Easy page layout changing – for each page you can choose between:
Right Sidebar
Left Sidebar
Full-width (No sidebar)
Breadcrumbs navigation trail
Option to choose ‘Fuzzy date format’ (e.g. 5 days ago) to display blog-posts’, comments’ and pages’ published dates
6 Gorgeous Color schemes to choose from
WooCommerce Support: Setup your shop using the WooCommerce plugin. The theme has various modified templates to display your WooCommerce shop
Free CC Essentials plugin
CC Shortcodes to add HTML elements like buttons, notification boxes, tabbed content, Google Maps, etc, via the post-editor
Love It! button that adds a heart button to every post. ‘Most loved posts’ widget shows most loved posts in the sidebar
Social sharing available – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, can be enabled on posts
FontAwesome 4.6 icons
Translation ready – a .pot file included for translation
Custom logo image
Custom header image
WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu Support
jQuery Tabs
Comments with reply functionality (multi-level depth)
Multi level drop-down menu
Works with the latest versions of all major browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, Opera, Safari

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