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This is the future of children books.
Child can read the story book, like a regular one, but once the phone or tablet camera is directed to the book pages, child enters in a totally new world, characters from the book come to life and child can even play with them.
Here is a demo video of what the app can do:
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Video overview YouTube link

Features and Requirements

The app is built using Vuforia library in Unity 3D personal edition.
Vuforia is free with some limitations. You can check the pricing here: The app is using Device type Database from Vuforia, so if you want to target a lot of users you should purchase the classic license at $499 paid once.
The app included in the package is a starting point. Based on the instructions(video you will receive after the purchase) you can easily setup the app in Unity, register with Vuforia, create a license key and the image target markers, and setup characters in the game.
You should be familiar with simple Unity characters, animations, basically you should already know how to include a character in Unity, how to animate it and if you want, how to interact with it.
Anyway we are here to help you on your way, if you want to customize the game, create new characters and image targets, even if you want to create a custom book for you, we have awesome graphic designers and developers in our team.

How to Setup and Reskin

The app comes with basic shapes instead of the characters, like a cube, sphere and so on. There are 4 characters, corresponding to 4 image targets setup in Vuforia. You should add your own 3D characters and scenes. To do this you need to replace the basic shapes with characters. The setup process is described in the documentation video.
More than that, you can apply animations for your characters. This is not described in the documentation videos, but it would be easy for someone who knows how to use Unity.
As for the interactions, you will need to write a small piece of code, like: if the screen is tapped, than move my character or apply some animation. Again, not included in the docs, easy for someone who use Unity.

Need Help?

We invite you to ask whenever you need help. Our team will guide you on the way, we have 3D modellers, graphic designers and developers, highly experienced.

Free Updates! For life!

Each updated version will have a higher price. If you purchase the product in the early stages, you will receive all the updates for free. This is our way of thanking for your support.

Live Preview

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