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Aruna – Content Sharing, Gag, Meme Theme is the theme that you were looking for when you told yourself “Man, I’d love my users to share content!”. We know you did! So it is here! HTML5 & CSS3 Based, Retina Ready & Fully Responsive – You might say it’s bulletproof! It’s built with powerful User Experience in mind – The Post Module is clear crisp and amazing. It takes 10 seconds to post, you can easily build slider posts and more! The functionality is a lot like the famous 9GAG, but it’s not a 9GAG clone, Aruna having a different approach and many unique features!

What’s better? Your users can do this too! Let your users register easily and they’ll be able to post immediately! The new Bookmark System serves as a “keeper” of content, now you can SAVE CONTENT YOU LOVE. But does this work on mobile? Ofcourse
yes! You can also choose from over 600 Google Web Fonts with ease! Did we mention it comes with Retina Ready Graphics?

Not to brag about it – But Aruna is TRULY CLEAN. We went crazy with details, no useless shadows & everything was kept as minimalistic as possible and appealing!

Support? We’ve got you covered! We offer Lifetime Updates & Amazing Support to our items – Definitely a
good care package all-in-all!

Aruna’s Features:
Built on the newest technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
Compatible with WordPress 3.8, also WordPress 3.2++
Cross-Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE9, IE10
CSS3 only Effects
Relying mostly on Ajax (This means everything happens in REAL TIME and there’s no need
for refreshes!)

Socially Oriented with Sharing & Facebook Comments

Slim – Lightweight – Easy to use but Powerful Administration Panel:

We provided you only with what you need. You’ll get options such as:

Turn off Bookmarking System
Turn off Front-End Posting
Change Theme Color
Choose Homepage Layout (Out of 5 Possible Homepage Layouts)
Turn off/on Sticky Post Functionality Menu
Turn off/on Keyboard Navigation
& more! You know just what to do to find out more!
And really just a few core options which are essential!

Front End Post / Front End Posting Module:
10 Seconds Posting (Everything was so well packed that it’s going to be flawless to easily
post content!)

You can post Anonymously
You can disable/enable comments
You can mark your post as NSFW (Not Safe for Work)
Each post can be liked/disliked
6 Post Types: Image, Video, Quote, Slider, Built-in Video Post
Easily Change Category
Easly Change Type
Change Post Options: Not Safe For Work (Adult Filtering), Enable/Disable Comments, Post Anonymously
Add/Remove Tags To Your Posts
Sticky Options: Easily Change between Types without a worry, options remain!

New Bookmark System:

The Bookmark System is meant to touch your users’ hearts – Every now and then there’s great content and we want to save it, let your users:

Save/Bookmark The Content They Love
View It Easily on the Sidebar/Side Bar
Click only One Button to Bookmark a Post or B(Easy Pie)

Keyboard Navigation:

Use your keys to navigate through content! That’s extended functionality!

R – Random Post (Dedicated Button aswell!)
J – Previous Post
K – Next Post
C – Go to Comments
V – View Post
B – Bookmark Post

It works amazingly well with the sticky functionality bar that we have on almost each post!

Newly Ingenious Sticky Sidebar/Side Bar:

This is a majestic piece of work – You can have very extended functionality here.

Show Categories of your Site
Show Bookmarks of the User
Show Latest/Hot Posts

LazyLoad – Crazy Loading:

LazyLoad’s job here is to delay loading of images the user doesn’t see, only on scroll! That means you’re no longer loading 500 images, but instead,the user decides how many he wants to load! That’s amazing!

Login & Register + Profile System:

It starts with the menu! All of this happens in the front-end! Change your Avatar, change your background Image for Extended Personality on the site!

Set On/Off the Adult Filtering
View Your Stats (Posts & Kudos received)
Control your Bookmarks
Change Your Password
Change Your Name
Change You Username


Fully Retina Display Graphics (Retina Ready Graphics/ HD / High Resolution Graphics)

Fully Responsive on Mobiles (Tested on iPhone 5 & HTC One)


5 Layouts to Choose From including Masonry and Variations of Sidebars / Side Bars and Main Content

Some Layouts Support Google Ads while some may not!
Built on Bootstrap’s 1170px Grid
Automatic Loading Content
Pagination Included
Smart Colors, Pick One and the site will generate the rest for you!

Great Support:

You’ll never be left alone – Whatever question you may have, we’re here to answer it as best
as we can and to deliver the solution to your problem immediately. Free Lifetime Updates – Oh yes, never pay for another upgrade – get them for free!

Multi-Lingual Ready!:

Aruna is WPML Plugin Ready

Translation Ready – Including .po/.mo Files!

Aruna’s Currently Translated To:

Portuguesse (pt_PT)
Romanian (ro_RO)
English (en_US)
Bulgarian (bg_BG)
More languages will be added shortly after update!

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Settings Page
Profile Page
Popup Page:
Posting/Post Popup
Keyboard Information Popup
Login/Register Popup

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