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About the Game:
This is a HTML5 Rock, Paper and Scissors game. You have 15 seconds and have to guess who the winner is every time that a game is played. If you guess in less than 0.5 second, you will get a “fast” bonus and 3 points. From 0.5 to 1, you will get 1 point and for more than 1 second, you will get 1 point, but also lose 2 seconds (because of being slow). For draw, you will get 2 points and for wrong guesses, you will lose 3 points. The goal is to score higher at the end and the game will rate you according to your score.
How to Play:
You can play this game with mouse or touch.
» HTML5 game
» Supports touch
» Auto-resize (responsive)
» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Made with GameMaker Studio
» Ability to change and personalize the game’s appearance
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