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Brevis is a premium and monetized URL shortener full of features and built to be fast, powerful, secure and intuitive.
Please consider that in the Demo functions are limited: you can not do anything with Brevis but only to see how it works.

User Account
[email protected]
Admin Account
[email protected]
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with a password (password: password)

AnteShorting & Bookmarklet
Shortens your links while browsing the web by clicking on a bookmarklet or by entering the URL of Brevis before the site you’re looking at.
Responsive Design
Brevis is obviously responsive and accessible from any device.
Payment System
The script uses the system more secure and famous in the world: PayPal.
Installation Procedure
The system is arranged with a clever and quick procedure that will allow you to install Brevis in a few clicks.
Brevis has an active translation system. Currently three languages are predisposed: English, Italian and German. You can easily translate the whole script in your language.
You can see thumbnails of the links for free (1000 requests per month) or with a small fee, for having more requests. View more:
Private Service
You can decide whether to set Brevis public access or private access.
jQuery & AJAX
The script is full of animations and technology to make it quickly and to improve the user experience.
URLs statistics
You can see all the complete statistics about URLs (clicks, referrers and countries), with auto-generated line graphs.
Brevis Pages
You can create your system pages and make them accessible from shortened URL ( See example: Tour Page
Advanced API System
With Brevis API you can shorten a URL, see the system statistics and statistics of a link. You can set a private access, with a token or timed token system or public access. API returns responses in JSON, Simple Text or XML format.
URL Validation, AntiSpam, AntiPhishing
Brevis can check that a URL is valid and that it is not Spam. By subscribing to Brevis can also block the Phishing sites.
Block URLs and IP
You can block certain URLs or IP.
GeoTargeting System
Users can choose to redirect visitors to a different page using their location. Take note that, since we use MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Services, you will need to pay a very low cost subscription ($0.0001 per query) to use that additional service. This option can be disabled from the admin panel.
URL Preview
You can set a preview URL page that can be timed. You can set an advertising banner, full page or not set advertising in this page.
You can set a Captcha in Sign Up to avoid unwanted users.
Maintenance Mode
You can show a temporary maintenance message while make changes to the site.
Extensive Documentation
The extensive documentation of Brevis allows you to discover all the possible information about the script.
You may decide to share the profit of advertising with users by setting a charge for links view. Each user will have a personal budget that will enhance each view of a link and he may request a withdrawal once he reach the minimum amount set by the administrator. An administrator can decide whether to accept a withdrawal request. The payment system is based on PayPal. Unlike other shortening systems on the market, the earnings will go directly to you and not to others, so you’ll have a full gain.
Customer satisfaction is our first priority, so we offer a support service for this product. Just simply send an email to [email protected] and we’ll answer you as soon as possible (usually within 1-2 days).
mod_rewrite enabled
5.3 minimum PHP version
4.1 minimum MySQL version
cURL extension installed

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