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CIFullCalendar is a server-side dynamic web application that is responsive to any layout of a viewing screen. The “Super Saiyan Fusion” power of CIFullCalendar allows users to organize, plan and share events to everyone. Simply, install it to your server and become a member then use the wonderful features by easily manipulating your events by dragging, dropping, resizing, clicking, touching, categorizing, linking and importing/exporting.

In addition, please see demo and it’s features.


CIFullCalendar has evolved to become a modern, secure and efficient tool. Plus more:

DB Driver – Supports MySQL or any CodeIgniter supported databases.
Sitemaps – Search Engine Optimization purposes (
JSON – Share all of your public events by url. (
RSS Feeds – Share your public events by rss feeds (
ICAL – Members are able to export a single event to their Google, Yahoo and live calendars or to a ICAL Format (ics/ical).
Supports FullCalendar Scheduler – Purchase FullCalendar Scheduler add-on license that displays events well and assign them easily to various categories. More details here
Event Filtering – Easily filter/view your shared events on your calendar
Group Sharing – Easily share events among members in various groups
Overlap – Deny or Allow events to overlap other events.
Draggable Events – Allows members to easily drag and drop events by category on the calendar.
Calendar settings – Allows administrator and members to adjust the FullCalendar settings easily.
Attachments – Add/Update/Delete events with an attachment (txt,docx,zip…).
Recurring Events – Add/Update/Delete events multiple times weekly, monthly etc. by clicking, touching, resizing and dragging.
Background Events – Add events that appear as background highlights.
Touch Support – Update or create events by touching or dragging events. Supported by many touch devices.
Import/Export – Allowing members to Import and Export events in bulk using ical format (ics/ical).
Google Maps – Members are able to use the google maps to view all their events location instantly.
Search – Allowing visitors or members to search for public or their own private events.
Event Category – Members are able to filter events by categories.
Event Sources – Members are able to view calendar feeds from other urls on their own calendar.
Notifications – Email notifications about public events and others.
IonAuth – A simple and lightweight authentication library for the CodeIgniter framework. (Currently using IonAuth v2.6.0).
Administration – Administrators of the site are able to moderate the site and other activities.
Member Profile – Members of the site are able to manipulate their events and other activities.
Group – Easily become or not a member of a particular group.
Member’s unique url – Share your own public events by URL (
CMS – Easily create/update/delete pages and page contents.
Print friendly – Use your browser to print your calendar events in its current view.
Template – Easily customize your own themes. (Currently using bootstrap v3.3.6).
Icons – Easily add icons within your own themes. (Currently using font-awesome v4.5.0).
Language – Easily select your desire language. (en default language code).
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p: password

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Upcoming Feature:
FullCalendar v2.7.1: with custom agendaList, timeSlot formatting + button (next/prevWeek, next/prevMonth) addon’s
Tasks: Assign your to-do list under your calendar events and make the list private, share it with other members or public.
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