Download Clean White Psychedelic Geometric Mandala nulled download

Why does psychedelic animations always have to be filled with intoxicating colors. Sometime you need abstract psychedelic animations that has a more serious feel. Sometimes the generic hippy feel is not exactly what you want to push for. Because we are not in the 1970’s anymore. These MODERN, INTRICATE yet SIMPLISTIC and CLEAN kaleidoscopic animations are the type of psychedelic stuff you can play at a corporate event and nobody would think it’s out of place. You could call it voxel style futuristic Mandala.
for any type of broadcast or projection mapping. They are made to be easely post color grade in any editing software (Premiere,After Effects, Resolume, Watchout, ect…). Seamlessly looping so it can be extended to play for an infinite time duration.

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