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ContactZ is an easy, lightweight and a very customizable contact form. As special features a impress and a persons section are included.

UPDATE: Support to embed the script in a existing page now!

The contact form
The contact form is a simple form, where the people easily can contact you or your company. To stop spammers you have the ability to add an ReCaptcha. A auto responder is also included.
The impress
Another feature of ContactZ is the impress block above the contact form. Here you can set up a individual text in a html format. The map, which you can see at left part is also very easy to set up. You only have to enter a address, a city and a zip code. Then the people know, how they can get to you.
The persons section
ContactZ allows you to set up some persons, too. You can add their contact details and even a picture of them. Then your customers know how is behind your project or company

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