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The Crystal Palace (1865 – 1951) was a building that existed in the old field of Brand Tower in Massarelos parish in the city of Porto in Portugal. Opened in 1865, the original Crystal Palace was eventually demolished in 1951 to make way for the Sports Pavilion, today Rosa Mota Pavilion.

The Crystal Palace, designed by the English architect Thomas Dillen Jones, was built in granite, iron and glass, and the Crystal Palace London by model. Media 150 meters long by 72 meters wide and was divided into three naves.

Its construction began in 1861, was inaugurated on 18 September in 1865 by King Louis.

Designed to accommodate the large Porto International Exhibition, organized by the then Porto Industrial Association, today Business Association of Portugal. The Industrial Exhibition, in addition to rely on the official visit of King Louis, Dona Maria Pia and the Crown Prince, also had 3,139 exhibitors, of which 499 French, 265 German, 107 British, 89 Belgians, 62 Brazilians, 24 Spaniards, 16 Danes and representatives of Russia, the Netherlands, Turkey, United States and Japan.

In 1933, the building and its gardens were acquired by the city of Porto.

Over its 86 years of existence, the Crystal Palace hosted many other exhibitions, highlighting the exhibition of roses in 1879, the agricultural exhibition in 1903 and the Colonial Exhibition, which opened in June 1934. [1] This last exhibition survives the Monument to Struggle Settler Portuguese, currently placed in the top western Marechal Gomes da Costa Avenue.

The Crystal Palace was also an important place of culture, containing a pipe organ which was the world’s largest. It was in this palace that made significant composer of concert Viana da Mota or virtuoso cellist Guilhermina Suggia.

The palace was destroyed in 1951, having been erected in its place a ship of reinforced concrete, which was given the name of the Sports Pavilion, according to project architect José Carlos Loureiro and Antonio engineer dos Santos Soares and Championship grounds World Roller Hockey. The building was demolished in less than a year, being destroyed to hammer the pipe organ. Due to popular challenge to the demolition, the Crystal Palace designation has survived to the present day. landscape

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