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What is this?

This is a jQuery plugin extending the functionality of Twitter Bootstrap 3. It allows you to turn a default select input field into an element completely matching the style of Twitter Bootstrap 3 with one line of JavaScript.

Why use it?
applies Twitter Bootstrap 3 style to a select input field
preserves native select input field behavior (you can use GET or POST methods to submit the selected value)
easily styleable
by default uses Twitter Bootstrap3
button styling and field sizing classnames, but this can be easily overridden by using custom ones
preserves select element custom attributes and populates them on generated input field
opens above field if there is not enough space below it
supports keyboard navigation (up/down/enter/tab keys)
supports quick navigation through the options by first character
supports change event
provides methods for easy enabling/disabling the entire select or single option
provides methods for dynamically getting/setting value
provides methods for dynamically adding/removing options
can be customised to filter out options on user input (typeahead/autocomplete-like functionality)
can be customised to show a scrollbar when there are many options
Easy to use



Please note: step-by-step explanation is in the docs.

This plugin requires
jQuery JavaScript library
Twitter Bootstrap 3 front-end framework

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