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Cute Menu | What is CM?

Cute Menu is very simple to embed to your HTML code. It’s requirements are only JavaScript and CSS support.

In this package are included:

JQuery – latest version
Cute Menu – javascript file
Cute Menu – css simple structure
HTML file for demonstrating its function
Cute Menu – Help Documentation
Example pages
Browser compability

Cute Menu it is wide supported from browsers.
Here is the list of browsers that supports transitions applied in CM:

Internet Explorer [version 6,7,8,9] Opera [all versions] Firefox [all versions] Chrome [all versions] Safari
Defined Transitions

1 – rollUp

2 – rollDown

3 – imageUp

4 – imageDown

5 – fadeUp

6 – fadeDown

7 – upSlide

8 – downSlide

Simply add any of these names in the method parameter e.g. $(”#my_ul_div”).cuteMenu(“fadeUp”); or you can add transition number e.g. for upSlide


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