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Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress offers an opportunity for the visitors to leave comments on your website with this modern, un-intrusive comment box. The plugin also provide a Like Box and Fan Page Wall features to extend your website with this All-in-One Facebook Plugin.

You don’t need to integrate the Like and Share button to the posts or pages, because it is already contain and it can be appear on every pages and posts. The visitors will find the Like button, Share button and the Comments Box on the Facebook Slider.
You can enable, disable and set time of the shake effect.

Included Facebook Likebox, Comment Box and Wall Posts
The plugin contains three different slider to help you to integrate all Facebook marketing opportunities to your website.
You can display the Like Box on the homepage only or display all of three sliders on every pages.
Simple shortcodes gives you the full control to achieve your goals.

Get the benefits of the Facebook conversations!
You can lock the screen and set up a timer or you can allow for the users to close the slider. Users can close with a simple click on the faded background, or with the close icon. It is possible to create more effective campaigns for WordPress when you disable the option to close the Facebook Slider. In this case, it will be closed when the user leave a comment or the time is up. Another great way to increase the traffic and shares on Facebook if you enable the auto open feature. This setting will help to make more visible the Comment Box for the visitors, because it will automatically open at the bottom of the page. If you use this plugin on the right way, your WordPress site will get a viral Facebook traffic in a short time.
More comments, more visibility on Facebook, much more traffic and Facebook Fans.

The plugin also displays a Like and Share button. When you get a comment, that is equal with one comment and one like, so this is the best option to get more visitors.
If the users don’t want to write a comment, they can like or share your WordPress website. Using the social networks is the most popular way to get more visitors and fans. Facebook has the biggest traffic and you can use this network to lead much more people to your WordPress website. You can find many of low level WordPress plugins on the web, but not like this. It is containing all public Facebook feature in one plugin, Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Facebook Comment included attention grabber slide and shake animations.
All in one Facebook plugin for WordPress!
Facebook providing two different color style, you can access it in dark and light style. This option can be also select on the WordPress settings page of the plugin.

Full responsive, mobile-friendly!

You can select the comment box’s language with a super simple method, only you have to choose the language from a drop-down list on the WordPress admin and the comment box will be translated! Don’t need to use any translation plugin or translate it for yourself, all of the texts on the Slider coming from Facebook and you can translate it quickly with the drop down select box on admin. You can also customize the message on the top of the slider box.
The whole slider is full responsive, the users can enjoy on tablets or with any mobile device.
The Facebook Comment Slider automatically fit to the viewer device.
Good idea to use it instead of the WordPress default comments system, because it’s prevent spamming. Facebook has a really strict rules about spams, so you can be sure, if you use this WordPress plugin, you won’t get spams anymore. In the full detailed documentation, you will find a link for the Facebook Moderation Tools for moderate and set up the entire Comments Box. Possible to set all comments to public or you can allow or disallow each comment one by one.
You can also use it as Customer Service, at the same time you will advertise your own website with every Facebook Comments.
Try out this WordPress Plugin for free on the demo website and you will see it is pretty effective and attention grabber.

Intelligent Slider, Supports more than 70 languages
Auto-open the slider box when the user reaches the bottom of the page.
(they can leave comments easier after they red the content)
It can remember for the user and you can set to display once for the same user.
If you choose lock screen, the slider will only close when the user leaves a comment or the time is up. It is possible to leave a comment without Facebook account, therefore anyone can write a comment about your website.
In addition, this slider gives an opportunity to use with another account instead of Facebook.
It can be used with Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL account as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use the LikeBox only on my home page?

Yes, the plugin has an option on admin to display the Facebook Comment Slider as Like Box on the Home Page.

Is it possible to include the Comment Box to the posts only?

You can choose the option to display the Comment Box / Like Box / Fan Page Wall on the pages/posts where you using the shortcode. Therefore, you have to only add [enable_facebook-comment-slider] to enable the Comment Box, [likebox_facebook-comment-slider] to display the Like Box or [postbox_facebook-comment-slider] for allowing the Fan Page Wall.

How can I disable on a specified page/post?

Just put [disable_facebook-comment-slider] to the content or to the widget.

Can I set to open the Like Box / Comment Box / Fan Page Wall with link?

Absolutely, simply add fcs_open_likebox to open and fcs_close_likebox classname to the link you would like to use:

<a href=”#” class=”fcs_open_likebox”>Open Like Box</a>
<a href=”#” class=”fcs_close_likebox”>Close Like Box</a>

You can also use it for the Comment Box:

<a href=”#” class=”fcs_open_commentbox”>Open Comment Box</a>
<a href=”#” class=”fcs_close_commentbox”>Close Comment Box</a>

Also possible to open and close the Fan Page Wall with link:

<a href=”#” class=”fcs_open_postbox”>Open Fan Page Wall</a>
<a href=”#” class=”fcs_close_postbox”>Close Fan Page Wall</a>

I would like to use all of them on the same page

By default, the plugin add the Comment Box to your website, you can enable the Like Box by inserting the [likebox_facebook-comment-slider] shortcode to the content. You can use [postbox_facebook-comment-slider] shortcode to display the Fan Page Wall. With this way, you can see all three Facebook Slider on the page.

I don’t want to display it on mobile? Is it possible?

The plugin is responsive, but yes, you have the option on the admin area to switch off on mobile.

Key Features
fully responsive
ability to lock the screen until the user leaves a comment
fixed slider position
automatic slide-in when the visitor reach the bottom of the page
you can enable or disable the user can close the slider option
ability to set up timer to fadeout the slider
you can specify your own notice
viral spread, much more traffic
fully localizable comment box, choose from more than 70 languages
selectable direction of the slider
you can set up to open the slider automatically just once per user
set the number of comments to display
link to the moderation tools for Facebook with your AppID
fancy jquery animation with fadeout and slide effect
automatic URL recognition (users can comment on the specific page of the website and on the homepage as well)
detailed documentation
transparent background when the screen is locked
unlock screen with click on the background (if you allow to close the slider for the users)
users can leave comments with 4 service providers (Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail)
full customizable, separated CSS file
you can hide or show the Facebook icon
adjustable transparency
three different icon size
auto open the slider if you want, when the users reach the bottom of the page
mobile-friendly slider
heartbeat effect (you can disable or enable)
open or close any slider with link in post/page
hide LikeBox for already liked users (using cookies)
minimal and default skin (both of has dark & light scheme)
developers section in documentation with many of methods
4 shortcodes to display or hide LikeBox/CommentBox/Post Wall
content always fit to the slider container, during window resizing as well
hided sliders on unneccessary pages (in WordPress), like 404, login and registration pages
ability to display Comment Box only on Posts / Pages / both
works on mobiles, but it has the option to disable on lower resolutions
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