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gAnalytics WordPress Plugin
Google Analytics is a widely used web statistics tool from Google. gAnalytics plugin brings the key statistics
right into your WordPress dashboard. We studied what analytics data is tracked by WordPress admins frequently.
We put those data using colors and graphs for you to easily understand what you need.
New Features From Version 2.7
Trending Posts
Usually popular posts are calculated by their comment count. But users expect popularity by counting
the number of page views. Thats what gAnalytics brings to you. Above all the data is taken directly
from Google Analytics which every WordPress admin wished for.
Widget Features:
Option to show trending posts from yesterday, last week, month or all time
You can write custom individual item template with html tags
Fully responsive
Intelligent caching technique to prevent crossing of Google Analytics API limit
New Features From Version 2.6
With version 2.6 we bring Google Analytics data to WordPress front end. 2 widgets helps you to achieve it.
All the widgets are responsive and have caching functionality.
1. GA Site Visitors Widget
Total visitors to your site till this date can be displayed in a widget. The format of display can be compact
like 23.3M or long like 23,312,679. The style, size and aligment can also be customized from widget options.
2. GA Top Countries Widget
You can now show the percentage of visitors from different countries to your site. The time period to consider
can be changed from widget options.
New Features From Version 2.5
1. Detail Report for each pages and posts
Now admin can view the performance of each pages and posts in wordpress. In All Posts and
All Pages in WordPress admin, a new link is added below each posts/pages to view gAnalytics
. Clicking the link take the admin to report page where visits, page views, organic search,
referral traffic of corresponding page is displayed. There is also a chart showing visits and organic search traffic.
This helps admin to track a page in a better way.
2. Mobile Device Data
The details of site visitors from mobile or tablet devices are listed in a single page. The data is ordered by
number of visits from each device. This helps site admin to know popular devices and test their site performance
in those devices.
New Feature From Version 2.1: Monthly Reports
A new page has been added to gAnalytics plugin. It shows Page visits, Page views, Search Traffic, Average time
on site and bounce rate grouped by month and year. It helps to know the growth of your site
and keeps you motivated.Also a growing percentage of search traffic is a good indication.
General Plugin Features
Simple and Easy Installation
One can use Google access code or own API credentials to connect to Google Analytics account
When using own API Credentials, plugin creates the needed redirect url for you
Once the plugin is connected with Google Analytics, it lists all available Analyics profile in a drop down
When you choose a new profile from drop down, plugin displays the Analytics ID and Web Property ID for
Reset and clear API settings any time, with a click of a button
Graphs used in the plugin are created using the powerful charting library, Google Visualization API
Plugin Dashboard Features
Dashboard page shows data from last 3 months
4 key parameters are shown on top. They are visits, page views, average visit duration and bounce rate
The value of 4 key parameters are compared to corresponding values in previous 3 months time. The change
is shown besides each values using green and red color backgrounds
3 months visits data graph is shown to analyze the growth of your site
Top 5 pages, Top 5 referrers, Top 5 keywords are shown to summarize the trending figures in the last 3 months time
gA Compare Features
gA Compare is highly effective to analyze how your site performs
This page compares your site performance in a certain time period. It can be 1 week, 1 month,
3 months, 6 months and 1 year
Basic site figures helps you calculate the growth factor
Traffic source graph puts the dominance of search engines, referrals, direct traffic and campaigns in a neat
pie chart.
Top referring countries are shown along with their
flags. This data helps you to analyze the best time to
publish a status in your social channel or to send a newsletter.
Top browsers are listed to help you for better browser testing. You can even decide to make your site responsive using
these reports.
gA Report Features
This page is added to our plugin from v2.0. It is a dream page for all wordpress admins.
Lists all pages/posts in a WordPress style table
Pagination for all posts is implemented. 20 items are shown in one page
Corresponding to each page, their page views, average page visit duration, bounce rate and search
traffic is displayed
It helps to improve page quality and bring more traffic through search engine optimization(SEO)
Search functionality is also added to help bigger blogs
A drop down with time duration is added on top right of the page.It helps to know the performance
of pages during last week, month or year.
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