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GChecker – SOFTPAE Google position checker – Easy to use position checker with statistics, graphs, email reports and virtual cron!

MAJOR UPDATE – New version 1.5 uploaded on January 6 2016!

This is a first complete Google position checking script that give you all functions you need to monitor your positions at Google!

The GChecker-SOFTPAE Google position checker is an easy to use multiuser position checker script to automatically check positions of your keywords in Google search results. This is a very complete script, very interesting tool for all SEO/SEM/Webdesign companies that want extend their services by this popular tool.

So, forget any “unfinished” Google position checking scripts – this is a first fully complete Google position checking application for you.

NOTE: Read comments before you write an comment with your problem.

Common problems: If you get error with PDO, install PDO extension, if you get error with XSLTProcessor, install XSLT extenstion to PHP. (See requirements).

Installation service to your own server is available for 15$ (Paypal payment)

Features included in GChecker – Google position checker:
Easy to install and configure (read installation manual bellow),
Unique IP anti-blocking mechanism to prevent blocking from Google !!! You do not need any proxy servers!,
Absolutely new anti-blocking mechanism from version 1.5!!!
Unique Virtual Cron that is usable to run this script on servers without real cron,
Prepared for working in subfolder!,
Advanced Users/Clients managements with Admin/Users groups,
Checking keywords in Google SERP, Domain checking,
Import keywords by list or csv file,
Export results to csv file,
Adjustable Google domain for checking, for all keywords or separately, one by one,
Very nice statistics, graphs, summary for last 10 checking results,
Statistics for all keywords – includes, declines, top 3, top 10, top 50 positions, etc.,
Current and previous positions, differences, summary graph,
Configurable email reporting,
New XML/XSLT core (engine/templates),
Easy to use tabbed interface,
Well coded, advanced programming techniques used, etc ..

This is the tool you want to have!

See it in action
Live Demo

You can find demo site of GChecker at

Importan notice: rename your install.php and upgrade.php file after installation to improve security!

Latest Updates
06.01.2016 – Version 1.5 – Major update
– updated search query to work with latest Google SERP
– ABSOLUTELY new anti-blocking mechanist, theoretically undetectable by Google
– fixed some errors
15.12.2013 – Version 1.4 – Major update
– updated Google URL used to checking, https now used (http is not working anymore on Google)
– better results for all languages
– updated anti-blocking mechanism, better simulated users behaviour
– some visual enhancements (arrows)
– export results to csv file added
– ability to save snapshot of Google result page for all checked keywords
– updated logs
09.06.2013 – Version 1.3
– added user registration, no more admin login required, simple log in or create your new user account from login page
– added configuration variable for outgoing email address (gchecker sender)
– rate us by 5 *
10.09.2012 – Version 1.2
– fixed user reported errors
– fixed default google site setting while import
– improved application folder detection
– fixed other errors
– improved manual about how to properly setup system cron
27.05.2012 – Version 1.1
– improved UI
– option to specify Google site for checking keywords, now you can specify Google URL in your account settings for all keywords or one by one in import csv
– added function to check if you specify Google URL properly, default is used if not
– extended csv format for importing: keyword;site domain(optionally);google site URL(optionally)
– added configuration variable for DB tables prefix
– improved DB installation script + DB upgrade script added
– rewritten checking procedure by using XPath
– and give us an 5 stars for this script
21.05.2012 Version 1.0
– initial release
PHP CURL extension with SSL support enabled
PHP XSLT extension enabled
PHP PDO extension enabled
Optionally cron
Know how to upload files to your website (eg: with FTP)
Optionally some HTML/CSS knowledge to style look & feel to your needs.
Installation and Configuration:
Unzip the file from CodeCanyon
Upload extracted files to your website (eg: to new /gchecker/ folder)
Prepare (create) and empty MySQL database with appropriate user
Set up user, database and cron informations to configuration file in /System/Plugins/configuration.php
Set write access rights to
/System/Plugins/ folder
Run DB installation by open (replace with URL of your website)
Set up cron to be keywords checked periodically (optional, recommended – or use virtual cron after log in on Tools tab) – use this configuration in cron:
”*/5 * * * * wget -q -O – >> /dev/null 2>&1”
Open your GChecker page by going to and log in by admin/admin (replace with URL of your website)
Add new users/clients, configure account information, change password, update email, import your keywords etc. – see User Manual bellow

See detailed installation informations in your downloaded zip file.

User Manual
*** Administration ***
1. Log in to Google Checker by your administrator username and password (default admin/admin)
2. Go to Administration tab, setup standard user account for your client(s)
3. If you do not use standard cron to periodically run checker engine, go to Tools tab and start virtual cron
4. (You can use you administrator account like any other standard account)
*** Standard user – client ***
1. Log in to Google Position Checker by your username and password
2. Go to Import tab and setup keywords for checking
3. You can import csv file with list of keywords and domain to checking or copy and paste this list to textarea, click “Import” to import it
– one keyword + domain (optionaly) per line, eg:
seo analyzer; – this will check position of domain “” for keyword (phrase) “seo software”
– or:
seo analyzer – if you omit domain, the URL from your account setting will be used
4. You can check your current/imported keywords/domains bellow the input form
5. Wait while checking engine process keywords (check status of cron on Tools tab, 25 keywords every 5 min is checked)
6. Go to Results tab to see detailed report of keywords, reload it occasionally while you don’t see all results
7. Go to Daily Statistics tab to see some interesting statistics and graphs
8. At Account tab you can change your user settings (eg. email, URL of your base domain, password)
9. Log out
The next step

You can extend this tool by using our SEOLyzer – Search Engine Optimization Analyzer!

Working on:

This script is incoming:

GogooooSE MySQL Edition – true fulltext search engine script (SQLite3 version here)
SmallSense – Google AdWord/AdSense clone with easy implementation to GogooooSE search script
XMLWebCore – Awesome website construction framework
Some WordPress / OpenCart templates

You can find demo site of GChecker at is a small and verysmart development company from Slovakia. We do website programming, search engine optimization, marketing, advertising.


If you want any customizations, contact us at magic (at)

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