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Easy to implement colorful forms with google inspired design.

So I’ve decided to make an bigger update for this file, as a thanks to you guys for buying it . See the changelog below.

Main Features:
10 different CSS files with 10 different styles
well documented
styled: text, button, image, submit, reset, textarea, password
Correct/icorrect variant styles
Buttons With Icons (<button> and <a></a>)
25+ icons
2 icon collors

Works in all Major browsers which support CSS3. In older versions you will loose only gradients, but it still looks almost the same.

= 18.3.2011 =
– Simplified CSS (now only one file)
– Updated and redesigned documentation (Now it’s more readable)
– Added Buttons With Icons ( and )
– 25+ icons
– 2 icon collors
= 4.2.2011 =
– styled text inputs.
= 10.12.2011 =
– Updated with 3 newcolors.

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