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The Purpose

To quickly and effortlessly deliver an htaccess file without having to remember anything about the apache server language used to construct the htaccess file!

The History

htaccess Builder! started out as a micro app. A very crude form with a few of my more often used functions with no UI. I rewrote the micro app, gave it all a smooth UI with as much point and click as possible. I tried to include a help button with each function – deep enough to teach new users, but short enough to be a refresh for regular users.

The Future

htaccess Builder! is complete as is – however – depending on requests and sales it has the potential to grow to cover just about every function of htaccess.

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Current Features (v 1.0.0)
Click here for my interpretation of the Envato Licensing
Email, Download, and/or Copy & Paste your custom htaccess file!
Cache Control for 12 most common file typesjs, pdf, swf, gif, jpg, png, ico, icon, text, html, css, flv
Allow/Deny Open Directory Listing
Hide Files or file types from open directories
Default Files – Change or add default files / types
htpasswd Generator – encrypt passwords for htpasswd
Set the path to the htpasswd file
Set the path to the htgroup file
Allow/Deny lists – by IP or host name
Custom Message for login prompt
Default order of Allow/Deny (or Deny/Allow)
Set Satisfy to Any or All
Custom Error pages for the 20 most common server errors
C14N – AKA Canonicalization – a $10 word for www or no www!
301 (permanent) Redirects – with From and To Fields!
302 (temporary) Redirects – with From and To Fields!
CGI Execution as well as extension options
SSI Inclusion with extension options
Symbolic Links (w/ or w/o owner match)
Forcing SSL and where to
Spam Bot blocker – 7 of the most irritating spam bots
Bad Bot blocker – block 76 unruly bots
User Sessions

Once you hit submit, the information is saved to a server side cookie, based on your browser session – meaning you can navigate away and come back later and your answers will still be saved. You can always manually kill your sessions to “reset” the .htaccess builder.

Saving Options
Save To FileYou can submit .htaccess Builder and save the results to a file on your local computer.
Send To EmailYou can submit .htaccess Builder and send the results to your email address.
Copy And PasteYou can submit .htaccess Builder and copy the results to your clipboard.
Built In Help

Every function has a help button associated with it. All you need to do is click the circle and a modal box will popup with helpful information about that function.

You can even click the help button without submitting the form and still retain your input.

Only Me – A quick Function

Only Me (The tab with the golden star) is designed to send everyone that is not you (based on your IP address) to (changeable) while you work on the website. It has options to allow (for validation) and (priming the search engine) to access the page as well

Smart Decisions

If you fill in fields that require an option to be set, but you neglect to set that option, .htaccess Builder will set the option for you based on what it believes you are trying to accomplish.

Sanitization (XSS Prevension)

Even though .htaccess Builder is not to be used anyone other than the purchaser, I still took the time to sanitize .htaccess Builder!! I have tested .htaccess Builder with “Acunetix Free Web Vulnerability Scanner 7 : 20100921” and it reports

Threat Level 0: Safe and No vulnerabilities have been discovered by the scanner
The license agreement states that you are not allowed to put this on a server for 3rd party users.

The structure behind .htaccess Builder is built on “moduals” this will allow you to create your own htaccess functions easily with “standard” php knowledge.

I will fix any bugs (with my original source code) free of charge, however, customization, and “Oops!” are not “bugs” and therefore will not be free.


Upload .htaccess Builder to a server that processes php and you are done. No databse – no configuration – no fuss!

Because of the method used for sanitization, PHP 5.2 is required! If you do not have PHP 5.2 or above, you can remove the sanitization and use it on older versions of PHP

Beta Tested

I have tested .htaccess Builders .htaccess files on server from all around the work. Every test passed!!

Feature Requests

Depending on sales, I will keep developing .htaccess Builder to include more functions. People who purchase .htaccess Builder will have a higher priority for their request!

If you need help

The built in help should suffice as far as what each htaccess function (does||is about). If you need more information about a particular function – please search google.

If the output of .htaccess Builder causes server/website problems I will need temp FTP access to the location of the htaccess file – this is NOT optional.

Every server is configured differently, because of this, some features may not work – even though your server process .htaccess files! .htaccess cannot override httpd.conf unless allowed to. If “mod_expires.c” is disabled in httpd.conf then .htaccess will not be able to use mod_expires.c!

Video Help

I have created several videos about .htaccess Builder

.htaccess Builder Overview
.htaccess Builder directory tab
.htaccess Builder Cache Control
.htaccess Builder Authentication
.htaccess Builder Error Pages
.htaccess Builder Canonicalization
.htaccess Builder Redirects
.htaccess Builder Options
.htaccess Builder Bad Bots
.htaccess Builder Star Tab

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