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Ok!! first! well… how are you doing? second. this one might just the package you need to quench the thirst of nice footage to include in your project. If you are looking for something bubbly, like fresh bubbles flowing down around some liquid substance. It comes in 6 different sparkling variants. Some are more reflective, like billiard (pool) balls some are like bubble gum, some are striped ,one have gold opulence. All of the clips include a version composited with the background as well as separate clips each with their associated alpha channel sequence. It’s seamlessly looping so you can extend the duration for an infinite amount of time. Perfect for any projection mapping, led screen display situations.

If you have any questions that you want to discuss (even just to answer the first one in the description) you can contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss with you and help you ! cheers!

3 Clips included (Photo-JPEG)
3 associated separated Alpha clips included

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