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Description Live Diamond Grid allows you to quickly, easily, and responsively create a diamond grid from any existing elements on your webpage. Without any hassle or any tedious calculations, simply choose a width and/or height for each diamond in your grid, choose a gap size if you wish, and Live Diamond Grid will do the rest. Your diamonds can be any shape or size, and all of the content you wrap is still 100% interactive, live content! No more using ugly, function-less images to emulate a diamond grid.Features
Set width of diamonds Set height of diamonds Set optional abscissa (angle of skew) that will automatically calculate the width or height of diamonds if the respective measurement is set to 0 Adjust the gap between the diamonds Choose whether the first row should have an even or odd number of diamonds Choose whether Live Diamond Grid should condense the diamonds (what you see in the previews), or lay them out in a normal grid Responsive! When the browser is resized Live Diamond Grid automatically checks if the diamonds should be reflowed. Ability to make multiple diamond grids on a single page, each with unique settings Works with your existing content! Just add the data-diamond-group attribute to any HTML element, then construct the grid in your javascript file with the appropriate data-diamond-group name, and Live Diamond Grid will do the rest! Automatically adds class names to each diamond group, and each individual diamond, based on the group name. This allows for easy selection and styling in css. Cross browser compatible – IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, & Edge Documentation View installation help, documentation, and the FAQ on the Live Diamond Grid wiki page, via Github.

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