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Front End
Super Admin
( Email: [email protected], Pass: 123456 )
( Email: [email protected], Pass: 123456, Role: Admin )
( Email: [email protected], Pass: 123456, Role: Moderator )
( Email: [email protected], Pass: 123456, Role: Teacher )
( Email: [email protected], Pass: 123456, Role: Student )
Here is the PRO version of LMS:
Key features:
Paid and free course option.
Paid membership.
20+ currencies available.
Multimedia with questions.
Full branding control.
Ban users.
Exam thumbnail image.
Rich text editor.
Random questions.
Instant result.
Blog module.
Password recovery option.
Working with your local timezone.
Paypal sandbox testing.
SEO friendly url.
Commercial/Non-commercial use.
More Features:
Fully responsive.
Graphical report.
Paypal payment method integrated.
Very easy installation process.
Complete CMS.
User management.
Noticeboard management.
FAQ management.
Full featured Messaging system.
MCQ type questions.
Time based exams.
Category base questions.
YouTube video integration on home page.
Fully Automated Evaluation and Results Calculation.
Registration system with email verification links.
Token base forms to protect XSS attacks.
Admin Dashboard:
Fort-end with youTube video:
Exam List:
Multimedia with questions:
PAID membership:
Now user can subscribe for a time period.
Create unlimited offers/packages.
Commercial/Non-commercial use:
You can use the application for Non-commercial exams.
The application will forgot all the pricing issues when its in non-commercial mode.
Admin can change the Commercial/Non-commercial status anytime.
Self-hosted application.
Just need some Clicks to get set up.
No technical knowledge required.
Just put the link on browser and here you go.
Well Documented:
Very descriptive documentation that’s make the application more easy to operate.
The documentation written to help people know have no technical knowledge.
Uses active record so no SQL Injection.
Protects against CSRF attacks and XSS attacks.
Created with the CodeIgniter framework that has been tested by millions of developers.
Encrypted passwords.
Token based forms.
Full featured dashboard.
Graphical report.
Every user level has different dashboard.
Exams Control:
Create unlimited categories.
Create unlimited exams.
Set the price and random question number.
Set the pass marks and allocate time for the exam.
View results and print.
System Control:
Update front-end contents.
PayPal API settings.
Change currency.
Update social media profile links.
Change support info.
Blog Module:
Post blogs from dashboard.
Comments section for discussion.
Create notice for users.
Set start and end time for displaying the notice.
User Control:
Add unlimited users with five different access levels.
Activate/Deactivate and Ban users.
Modify user data.
Email based activation.
Update profile information.
Change login password.
Payment History:
View payment history with all important information.
Receive all user queries in Inbox.
Reply user queries from the Inbox.
Compose and send emails to any valid email id.
Spam/Draft option

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