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NanoCard is an innovative, responsive UI e-commerce shopping card with nice design. The modern design will make your products more beautiful for customers.
This will help to raise your sales.

NanoCard uses HTML5 LocalStorage.

With LocalStorage, web applications can store data locally within the user’s browser.
It is better and safer replaces cookies.

Each product selection by the user – makes local storage object (LocalStorage). This object contains information about all the key Elements of the selected product. You can refer to the object (LocalStorage) and get all the necessary information about the selected product. Click on the icon with heart (cart) adds this information to the LocalStorage, or removes it from there. On the page with a Card of goods or on the Shopping Cart page, you can easily get this information about the selected product.

Custom events.

You can control every action cards…
The main advantage and convenience of these cards is to generate custom events.
All clicks on the target elements cards generate custom events to which you can bind the ajax requests to the server, it is very simple, just catch custom event.

NanoCard can be implemented very easily in larger applications, making it possible to set different options for your cards. You can enable or disable support for HTML5 Local Storage for your project or tooltips. It’s very simple.

Responsive design will make your users happy. No matter which device they have come to your site, it will always be beautiful.

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