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Phoenix is a modern news portal. It contains an extremely powerful and functional admin panel, where you can nanage news, categories, pages, users, comments and the whole application. Phoenix is greatly documented and built on Laravel 4 framework and Bootstrap 3. Application uses two templates and both are fully responsive.

User/Admin Features


– Guests can browse the website, but may not comment on articles.
– Guests can be an “User” if they decide to register and get their account.


– Users can login or logout to the system.
– Users can comment on articles.
– Users can use their own control panel, which supports features like: change password, remove my comments.


– Admin can delete or create articles (news) and crop images before posting for maximum bandwidth optimisation/image quality across all devices. Admin can add articles into 3 different sections on main website: flash slider, headline area and main slider. They all have different cropping aspect ratios.
– Admin can create, edit, delete or select different hover colors for categories. (Articles will be posted under categories.)
– Admin can create and delete unlimited amount of pages, where you can write HTML or use WYSIWYG editor.
– Admin can manage, create, delete, ban or unban users.
– Admin can approve, disapprove, massapprove or delete user comments.
– Admin can change website settings, this includes: changing logo, changing copyright message, enabling automatic approving of comments, changing Facebook widget URL


– They are users whom are blocked by admin.
– They can not login or use user features.
– They can be unbanned by admin and become an user again.

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