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Poke Plugin For Wowonder

Compatibility: Wowonder 1.4.x

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Give your users a fun, simple and quick way of initiating conversations.

The Pokes Plugin enables a user to grab the attention of another user. Different users might use and interpret pokes in different ways. While some might use it as just another way to say hello, others might use it to grab attention and initiate conversation with someone that they feel shy to talk to. Yet others might use it to flirt with someone they like! This is very similar to the popular “Poke” feature in Fb.

Plugin Features:

Users can Poke other members from their profile pages.
Members can view the Pokes that they have received.
Members can Poke Back for the Pokes that they have received.
Members can delete the pokes that they have received.
Integration with Notification Updates.

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