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Showcase your talent and get more clients with this Portfolio & Testimonials Manager. In a matter of minutes show prospective clients all your past projects in an easy and organized manner. Also, gather feedback from your past clients and attach them to the project on your portfolio in the most convinient way possible.

Demo Front-end: Click Here

Demo Admin: Click Here and login with Email: [email protected] and password: pass

Features and Benefits:
Authentication System that allows the creation of as many administrator accounts as you need. You ans all your colleagues will be able to maintain your portfolio of projects easily.
Three front-end layouts to choose from. You can easily configure the script to display the portfolio of projects as a lits, grid or time-line.
Group projects in categories. You will be able to create categories and then place projects in them. You could, for example, have Print, WordPress, Android Apps, etc. This makes it easier for your prospects to find the work that is most relevant to them.
SEO friendly content. All the content for the front-end is loaded server side. Search engine will therefore have no problem indexing it. This include the time-line view.
Specify features of a project. When creating a project, you will be able to specify the features or expertise used in that project. For example HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design, Flash, Ruby, etc. You prospect will then be able to easily find projects that show case the skill they require.
Get testimonials from clients. You will be able to easily request feedback from your clients using this script. The script will send an email to your client with a unique link that the client will use to provide the feedback. The feedback will be linked to the project and you can then choose to display the feedback as testimonials along side the project.
Social network sharing. Each project displayed to the prospects has a share link for twitter, facebook and google+ so that they can share with their friends.
Easy to translate. All the text used that is used in this script is located in one XML file. By translating this single file, the whole script is translated. UTF8 characters are supported.
Rich project details. For each project you will be able to specify a title, description, url and upload photos. This you give the ability to manage a wide variety of projects.
visual design. This script has a professional looking front-end that you can use just as it is. This will save you time.
Twitter bootstrap is used for the CSS and HTML, so re-deign will be fairly easy.

After you purchase,go to for installation and getting started instruction.

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