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How To Generate Sender_ID And API Key ?

How To Get Ad_Unit_ID From ADMOB?
1. Add Swipe to Delete in notification list.
2. Documentation fixed.
1. Add Categories Support : Now you can allow users to receive notification of their choices.
2. Of course categories are managed by admin
3. Change web activity behavior , Now it opens on notification click. [to compiles Google Play Store Privacy] 4. Add Read more button on dialog notification type.
1. Bug Fix : Registration Issues
2. Easy Admob Integration
3. News Notification (Saved in phone) offers a interactive UI to control App.
Initial Release
How to update !
Are you coming from older version?
No changes in admin panel. just update your android source to get the new Swipe to Delete feature.
– Just copy paste the new admin panel files and re install via our installer .[go to /install directory] don’t worry your database will be preserve. and will be automatically update.
Demo APK :

Demo APK:

Demo Admin panel :

Demo URL : Admin Panel
id : demo_admin
password : admin123

This is a very lightweight and power full implementation of Google Cloud Messaging / C2DM with the interactive Admin Panel.

GCM Implementation is contained 2 plate form

Admin Panel [PHP version:] offers a interactive UI to control App. Android Application offers a robust implementation with better error handling mechanism of Google Cloud Messaging / C2DM .

Admin Panel

Admin panel provide you a great user interactive plat form where you can easily manage your Dashbord, Users, Notifications, Reports etc…

Dashbord : Dashbord contain an easy to use notification sender with Live Preview. yes you can send notification based on your App [if multiple application registered].

Users : This section contain detailed information about your registered users. you can set their status or send notification individually.

Notifications : This section contains information about all your notifications with history

Reports : As the name suggest, it contains all data that you like to know about your notification like

Success : indicates the number of users that notification is sent successfully. Failed : indicates the number of users that notification is not sent and failed to sent. Updated : indicates the number of users that have a canonical registration id and being updated to database for ensuring that the user will receive notification for sure..:) Removed : indicates the number of users that are no longer using your App and have uninstalled your App. [They will be removed from our database]

Android Application

Android Application package provides a great implementation of Google Cloud Messaging Service / C2DM. The application contain various customized receiver like Simple Notification, Dialog Notification, Web Activity Notification, Toast Notification.

Simple Notification : Receive simple notification on your device.
Dialog Notification : Receive simple notification on your device, And display a power full interactive dialog on your device.
Web Activity Notification : Opens web activity on your device with given URL.
Toast Notification : Simply put Toast on your screen.
News Notification : Send Notification to users and saved it in phone

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