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Simple to manage, EASY to use and posible to control admin in the right position. It’s a time to change your rent business from manual to computerize.
Who Can Use It ?

This item is the right choice if you have rooms, villas, guest houses or apartments that you want to rent it anytime as you want. You can control all of your properties quickly and simple enough in minutes.

The Features

All of this features will help you very much :

Full Custom PrivilegeEach of page in this item are controlled by privilege number and only can be accessed by admin who have the same number privilege.
House ManagementYou can control all the houses that you have.
Room ManagementYou can control all the rooms that you have.
Privilege Group ManagementWith this concept of privilege, you can determine name of group privilege by yourself.
Admin ManagementYou can modification privilege and house privilege of each admin
Set Custom Price at Certain Date
(Optional) This feature will unlock ability to set price or disabled each room in certain date. Easy to use and useful if you already have planning for the next month or even year.
Book ManagementYou can book room, guest house, villa and even add additional cost, give a discount and create payment. Payment support for cash and credit card.
Customer ManagementSave your customer data. Can be use for next transaction.
Expense Cost ManagementVery helpful to report your cashflow periodically.
ReportsPayment Report, Transaction Report, Cashflow Report and Room Report.
Demo System
Super AdminUsername: superadminPassword: superadmin123
Operator AdminUsername: operatoradminPassword: operatoradmin123
Finance AdminUsername: financeadminPassword: financeadmin123

Special Thanks

Plugin and Code

Bootstrap DateRangePicker
jQuery Select2
Moment Js
How to build a simple calendar with JavaScript

Free Template Web


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