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Sharp Gallery is a nice jQuery plugin that creates a beautiful grid based image gallery. What is characteristic is that the content is displayed and functions within this grid. The thumbs are bigger and prettier and contribute to the design. The big images are opened in place, within the grid, connected to the thumbs themselves. Coupled with other design elements and effects, this creates a beautiful look and a great functionality.

Here are some of the other important features of this gallery:

Very customizable

The gallery comes with a large number of options that allows it to be customized in a wide number of different ways.
It can have various designs, functions, sizes and, hopefully, it can both look and function as you want it to.

Comes with 16 templates

It comes with a number of 16 templates that showcase different ways of configuring the gallery and provide a starting point in customizing it.
These are available to open, preview and customize from the Examples page.

Easy to work with and implement

The gallery has been designed to be as simple as possible to install, customize and work with.
Installing it requires simply copying the HTML code and the assets folder. And the available settings makes it easy to customize it in different ways.

Fully responsive

It is fully responsive, all of the content resizes based on the available space and it displays well on different screen sizes and devices.

CSS3 animations with JS fallback

It uses CSS3 animations that are smooth and efficient on both computers and mobile devices and it has a JavaScript animation fallback as well for older browsers that do not support this.

Cross browser support

It is supported on all popular browsers, both on computers and mobille devices as well on popular older browsers.

30 JS settings

It has 30 different JavaScript settings that are set in the build code in order to configure the gallery in different and multiple ways. These range from thumbs width to stage position, animation settings and keyboard navigation.
All of the available JS settings and their meanings can be previewed right now in the guide at this link.

16 CSS settings

There are also 16 CSS seettings available. These are classes that you attach to HTML elements in order to change different things about the look of the gallery. Some examples include: a slim thumb border, a plain text background or a dark gallery background.
All of the available CSS settings and their meanings can be previewed in the guide at this link.

Easy to edit CSS and JS code

The CSS code can be edited to change anything about the gallery look that you want and the JS source code can be edited as well to change anything about the functionality that you want. Both have been logically organized to follow the structure of the gallery, the code was made simple and clear so that it is easy to pick up, understand and modify.

Detailed guide and instructions

The gallery comes with a detailed guide that containes all of the information that you need to know when working with it. It gives complete instructions about how to install and customize the gallery as well as how to contact me if you have any questions or any problems.
The guide is available to preview right now at this link.

Source files included

The project files include the sources of all the files used in the gallery, so that you have the possibility to change anything that you want. Most importantly, the source of the gallery JavaScript file is included but the sources of the image assets files are available as well.


Althought it has many options, the gallery remains very lightweight. The minified JavaScript file is under 15Kb. And the total size of all the files excluding the images themselves (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, image assets) add up to under 150Kb. This makes it load very fast on all devices.

Support provided

I am available for support in case you have any questions, problems or need any help implementing the gallery.
The guide gives instructions on how to contact me and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

Free updates

All future developments and updates to the gallery will be completely free once you have bought the project one time.
After an update is made, the changes are documented on the description page and when you download the project files, you wil receive the new and updates ones.

Feedback and requests

I am very interested in hearing feedback and suggestions from people on how to improve the gallery and what new features to develop and I will do my best to make them happen.
If you have any feedback, suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact me and tell me about them.

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