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UPDATE 4/3/2013
I apologize for the issues everyone has been facing with ShoutCloud. I lost my domain name and web server last year and I forgot about the update file that was posted here. You can download the update using the following link…×35zxhoxxy6xt0/

Just as a note, I am almost complete with ShoutCloud version 2 that I do plan to release before Summer 2013. Thanks again for everyone’s patience with ShoutCloud and expect better things to come in the future!

– Big Ross Labs

UPDATE 10/24/2010
<s>It has come to my attention that there were a couple of bugs in the Javascript file. I have fixed the bugs and uploaded the updated files as a separate download (instead of waiting for CodeCanyon to pass it through).

You can download the file via the link below.

Note: This file only contains the JavaScript and nothing else. So you still need the rest of the files to be downloaded from CodeCanyon. This update will be included in the new version. ZIP contains both minified version and developers version of the JavaScript.
About ShoutCloud
ShoutCloud is a feature-rich and flexible PHP/AJAX Shoutbox that can be integrated into any website or project within minutes. It requires no MYSQL database and the flat files used are automatically created! Extremely simple to add to any existing website. ShoutCloud was built to flex within the container that you place it, so all the sizing is done automatically. The massive amount of features that ShoutCloud supplies will keep you feeling satisfied.
Uses no MYSQL Database!
Runs on the jQuery JavaScript Framework for less code, more speed, and a wider browser compatibility
Highly secured; keeps your visitors and you safe
Web 2.0 professional Styling
Create Custom Themes!
Works on most browsers
Completely customizable
Only 2 PHP Files!
Installs in minutes!
Integrated Admin control without the panel
Ban/Unban users
Bold, italicize, and underline text
URLs convert to links automatically
Innovative User-Reply System
Lots of smilies with the ability to add more
Bad word filter
Clean Error-Reporting System
Loads fast and stays fast
Can be used as a chatroom
Everything runs in real-time
9 Page Documentation PDF included!
… and much more!
Feel free to post a comment on this page and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
Live Demo Instructions
When visiting the Live Demo for ShoutCloud, you can start chatting right away. If you would like to see how the Admin works, do the following…
Type Admin in the “Your Name” input box.
Type !admin in the “Message” input box.
When the password box appears, type demo and hit enter.
You will now be logged in as the Admin. Note that any bans taken place will only last 1 minute in all respect for others.
Changelog for version 1.2.9
**CSS Changes**
– Fixed bug with overflow:auto; not working in IE8 Compatibility Mode.
– Cleaned up CSS and reduced the file size by grouping similar styles together.
– The stylesheet is no longer minified.
**JavaScript Changes**
– Changed various items to clean up the functions and reduce code.
– Removed the functionality of the plugin creating the color swatches and moved it to PHP.
– Added the Metadata plugin for jQuery to reduce code and speed up execution of various functions.
– Fixed various bugs that have gone unnoticed.
**PHP Changes**
– Fixed many problems with languages not displaying correctly in both shouts and names.
– Now has FULL UTF-8 Support.
– Added the ability to change the time format on shouts.
– Did a major cleanup on the code to reduce file size and remove unnecessary code.
– Added support for changing messages, titles, and various text to other languages simply.
– Removed all automatic “session_start()” commands in shoutcloud.php. Replaced with one line of code.
**New Features/Changes**
– Admin users now have a striped background on their tag to identify them as admins.
– Fixed bug where color swatches would not show in Internet Explorer.
– ShoutCloud now fully supports UTF-8 including names and messages.
Changelog for version 1.0.2
**CSS Changes**
– Updated some of the styles to fit with some new elements added to ShoutCloud.
– Changed the border-radius of the username tags from 5px to 3px for a cleaner look.
– Merged the ban list styles into the main css file.
– Added styles for the new username coloring system.
– Moved the Ban button from inside the tag to the outside on the left hand side.
– Default font (Tahoma) set for the entire box.
– Added styles for the new Admin User Control system.
**JavaScript Changes**
– Completely rewrote the old javascript file into a nicely formed jQuery plugin. This will provide an easier way to add new features in the future.
– When making an AJAX call, the method has been change from GET to POST to support other languages.
– Added the ability to change various options that could not be changed before.
– Shortened all of the variables names and function names to reduce file size.
– Added a character counter that now limits the text inputted into the message box.
– Merged the ban list functions into the main JavaScript file.
– Added functions for the username tag color changer.
– Added functions for Admins to reply to a post and delete a post.
– Changed the ban function to incorporate the new expiring bans feature.
**PHP Changes**
– Rewrote the flood protection system, now it actually works like expected.
– Fixed the bug where the ban list would not display due to a privacy issue.
– Fixed the bug where users could reply to themselves.
– Added support for the username tag color changer.
– Changed all the variables from $_GET to $_POST.
– Added UTF-8 support for other languages.
– Merged all the admin tools into a smaller section.
– Added support for muli-lines.
– Added the formatTime function for the ban list so when viewing, it says the time it expires.
– Added the isAdmin function to lessen some coding elsewhere.
– Added the adminLogout function to handle logging-out admins.
– Added support for expiring bans and admin logout.
– Shortened a lot of the code.
– Various security fixes.
**New Features/Changes**
– Users can now change the background color of their username tags with a preset color.
– Admin controls have been moved to the bottom of the shout box in the form of tabs.
– Admin controls are now paged within the shout box; no longer need a popup window.
– Admin User Controls are now accessed by clicking on the user’s name by the form of an overlay.
– Admins can now delete posts.
– Bans can now expire if a time is set upon ban.
– Admins can now logout.
– Supports other languages via UTF-8.
– Message length is now counted and displayed under the box.
– Users must now wait at least 5 seconds in-between posts.
– Messages are now limited to 500 characters to keep the file small.
There are probably many more little things I change that I forgot to write down, but this will give you an idea of everything that has been added or changed with ShoutCloud. I hope you enjoy this new version!

Live Preview

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