Download simple Stick jQuery plugin nulled download

jQuery plugin to fixing any element on your page when scrolling.

How to use and features look on live preview page.

index.html – this file with item description
demo.html – plugin demo page with manual
css/bootstrap.min.css – styles of bootstrap framework. Use for stylization demo page and this page. NOT necessarily for plugin
css/page.css – Use for stylization demo page. NOT necessarily for plugin
css/ – source map file for page.css
css/simpleStick.css – Use for for plugin work
css/ – source map file for simpleStick.css
scss/page.scss – source of page.css
scss/simpleStick.scss – source of simpleStick.css
js/jquery-3.1.0.min.js – jQuery library. NECESSARILY for plugin use
js/simpleStick.js – main file of plugin
js/simpleStick.min.js – compressed version of simpleStick.js

Live Preview

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