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Smart Market Shortcodes is a simple and easy to use plugin for WordPress for embedding items and authors information from any of Envato Marketplaces into your own WordPress powered websites through use of shortcodes.

Links generated by the plugin support adding of referrer username for earning affiliate commission from new signups on any of Envato Marketplace websites.

Envato API
Plugin has support for old and new Envato API. You can switch between two API’s in the plugin settings. For new API to work, you need API Personal Token and to get it you need to register on Envato API website.
Support for old API will be soon removed, and it is highly recommended to switch to new API as soon as possible.
Integration into WordPress TinyMCE content editor
Plugin integrates into WordPress TinyMCE editor and add the button that will open easy to use dialog for building the shortcode and inserting it into editor content.
Cache Envato data for better performance
Plugin can cache all data received from Envato API, and you can control the timeout for different data types. You also have a tool to clear all cached data anytime.
Different display methods and styling
Plugin contains two basic styles and six item display methods allowing you to show items thumbnails, preview, ratings, item information. Plugin allow use of tooltip hover to show Envato like item preview.
All Main Plugin Features
Supports all Envato Marketplaces (currently 8 marketplaces).
Caching of received Envato data for faster response.
Log errors into file caused by problems with Envato API requests.
Control cache timeout for received Envato data.
Search for items: use marketplace, categories and search queries.
List marketplace items: popular, collection, new and random.
Sort marketplace items: random, new, old, last updated.
Filter returned items by minimal rating to narrow the results.
Get featured author and file from any marketplace.
Get any marketplace item by specified item ID.
Get multiple marketplace items by specified item ID’s.
Get any marketplace author by specified username.
Display Envato like tooltip preview for every item.
Display author badges using new Envato API.
Modify generated links rel and target attributes.
Additional Plugin Features
Display items using different methods
Comes with 12 item rendering methods
Comes with 3 predefined styles
Tools to delete all cached Envato API data
Supports replacing default display functions
Support translation and includes POT file
System and WordPress Requirements
PHP 5.2.4 or newer
PHP cURL extension
WordPress 3.6 or newer
Plugin contains PDF user guide in the plugin package, inside the ‘docs’ directory. Check out this document to get information on plugin options, usage and more.
Smart Image Tooltip
Plugin uses SMARTPlugins own jQuery plugin Smart Image Tooltip. You can get this plugin from CodeCanyon: Smart Image Tooltip for jQuery.
Recommended similar plugin on CodeCanyon
Very similar to Smart Market Shortcodes plugin, but it uses widgets to add items and author information into sidebars. Both plugin can work together and share cache for all Envato API data to improve performance.

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