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This game is created using the free LibGDX Java game development framework. You will need to install Android Studio, Java SDK, and libGDX on your computer. All details of installment and game compiling are in the README Html file. You can also easily re-skin the game by just changing the PNG files and simply run a Windows Batch file and after that copy the contents of the resulting directory into the project.
The game comes with the license for the usage of the graphics also, you don’t need to buy it.
You can test the game here before you buy the source : DEPLOY SIGNED00.apk
Introducing Space Blockers : A new type of Space Shooter Arcade , a new breed in the space game genre
Shoot robotic blockers in order to freeze them at the correct angle so that they deploy their force-fields and interrupt the electron barriers that would otherwise electrocute us. That way we can pass them safely and make our synapses grow like they’ve never grown before! Think you’re fast and agile enough?
The closer (smaller) the deployed blocker’s angle is to the perfect angle the better the score. (More info in the game’s Help menu)
Unblock all electron barriers and you clear the next level.
Engaging graphics and spacecraft controls offer a truly immersive arcade experience.
Space Blockers’ motor coordination requirements makes it a truly effective brain training Arcade.
64 varied levels offer hours of gaming and infinite possibilities of score improvements.
Access Google’s Public and Social Leader-boards and lavish with your latest best scores in your social circles.
Possibility to unlock all levels and have immediate access to the whole game.
Unlock all spacecraft, ammo, life, ad removal
Automatic Save-to-Cloud feature.
Access all features of the game for free by making top scores, winning coins then buying spacecraft, life and ammo.
IMPORTANT: You need all the updates listed below in order to have access to Google Leaderboards, InApp purchases and the Premium feature. Also you need to be logged in into a Google+ account in order to be able to post score screen-caps on Google+ and FB.
UPDATES INSTALL: The game will prompt you for an update at start-up. After you update restart the game and if you’re prompted again (by pressing the Login button, or not) repeat the procedure until you install all the updates *
Latest Google+ Update.
Latest Google Drive Update (for saving the game settings to Google Cloud in the premium version)
Latest Google Play Store Update.
Latest Google Play Services Update.
Latest Google Play Games Update (for leader-boards and scores)
Premium Feature: 5000 lifeslots, 5000 ammo, all spacecraft, automatic SAVE-TO-CLOUD feature, NO ADS.
Premium Feature: Unlock all 64 levels.

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