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Hi Folks
This one is my new space element. It tested in a hard environment with very low temperature and high radiation. You can use it to analyze some cool stuff like unknown space bodies(meteors) or install it into your own space station or craft.
This equipment is highly stable and was approved by NASA Labs : )


This Product has been UPDATED. See Update notes beneath
100% Vector
Multifunctional(see where to use)
Very Fast Editing, Creating, and Adding New Callouts and Elements
Almost All callouts are actually modified versions of one core callout
Fully Customizable(Edit Any Element)
Endless possibilities for customization
SubShapes Names for faster Editing(content structure)
Copy And Paste workflow (use a Script) or do it manually-(extra 15-20sec see help or Item FAQ)
Attach any content you want(text, video, etc)
Use with Image Trackers(meteor example)
Pixel Perfect Text Position for pixel fonts (activate it via position expression)
Expression Driven Animations(only 2-4 keyframes per element)
Commentaries for Heavy Expressions
Universal Expressions
No plugins required
Clean Author Design
Four Head Types(Comma, Robust, Henry, Rojer) for each callout. Add your types if you want.
20 Premade Callout Types
Example Preview AEP file included
All Graphic used in preview Included
Video Help Included
Update Notes
Core engine almost remains the same
+10 New Panel Types
Added Sliders for many parameters (sizes, colors, opacity etc)
Added Extra elements and Parameters: fillets, holes, secondary text glow and pules )
Added 4 Types of Animation with sub-options (Circle, Sine, Random Grid, Wiggle)
Old panels was made again using new features
FRAME and HEAD have all main Control Effects. Other Elements have animation Control Effects
Where to use
-Youtube Channels
-For Fun
-And much more
Wonderful Music by Hughmitchell
Wonderful Script by Lloyd Alvarez (See Help)

Folks, do not hesitate to ask questions! I like what I do and I will be happy to help you with my products.

Font family: “Exo 2”, Font style: “Extra Light Condensed”
Font family: “Exo 2”, Font style: “Extra Light Expanded”
Font family: “Exo 2”, Font style: “Regular Condensed”
Font family: “Helvetica Condensed Black”, Font style: “Regular”
Font family: “Helvetica LT Std”, Font style: “Bold”
Font family: “Helvetica LT Std”, Font style: “Roman”
Font family: “Square721 BT”, Font style: “Bold”
Font family: “Square721 BT”, Font style: “Roman”
-Each Callout contains Four Head Types(on/off).
-Auto orientation function for Heads (on/off)
-Free rotation
function for Heads
function for all Elements
-Pulse animation
function for Heads (on/off)
-Load, Unload, Work(expression-driven+4 keyframes animation)
-Easy attach to objects(see examples)
-Install your own heads
-Easy mirror panels (change scale old version, checkboxes – new version)
-Easy Add or Attach content(images,video,etc)
-Change, add, animate any parameters like Fill, Stroke, PathTrim, etc)
— You can Control parameters via FX Control Panel (A New Updated version) or via layers properties (An Old Version – Process explained in video Help)
-Copy-Paste expressions between callouts and elements (better works in old version because in new version parameters linked to Effects-Sliders) But if you familiar with expressions it’s very easy to do actually. Or just ask me : )
-Change Duration and Speed (Keyframes mostly)

Any Element Can be
-Float UPDATED – Now can be (Circle animation, Sine animation, Random Grid(smooth and hard), Wiggle(smooth and hard)
-Keyframe animated
-One Direction fixed (see examples in preview AEP file)
-Hidden (or partly hidden)

-Check out Item FAQ at this page.
Be Aware !!!

folder Is a product itself.
It contains 10 types of callouts – old version
20 types of callouts – Updated version
And pre-copied versions – 6 callouts for every type – old version

folder was added for training purposes (you can check how different expressions work) It contains old versions of SSEC callouts so you can use it on your own risk. It also contains all graphics you could see in a video preview.

Customer Support

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