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Support Centre – PHP Ticket System

The Support Centre provides you with an advanced ticket system that allows you to communicate with your users in a organized environment. User’s can register for an account or create tickets as guests to communicate with your support team. The Support Centre also allows you to easily translate the system into any language by modifying the language files. You can modify many elements in the Admin Panel, including adding your own Twitter Account, Envato Product checking and much more!

The Support Centre also comes with a Knowledge Base that allows you to create helpful articles for your users. It uses a WYSIWYG editor to help article writers create appeasing content that can make sure your users get the support they deserve.

Admin Accounts

Create an account on the Live Demo and you will automatically be given Admin Access. Most Admin Options are disabled by default however, to stop users abusing the system. You can still see how most of it works though, so feel free to look after and play with it!

Newest Additions
Email Templates
WYSIWYG Editor added to Ticket Replies and Canned Responses
Auto-Guest login URL generated when new guest tickets created.
Tickets for specific departments – assign staff to a specific ticket section only
Included in the Top 50 Popular PHP Files x5!
100 Sales! (April)

Translation ready! Modify the language files to convert the system into your own language.
HTML Validated
Advanced Ticket System
Create Custom Ticket Fields (add your own fields for the information you need to collect from your users)
Add Custom Ticket Fields that can be used to verify Envato Product Codes using their API!
Categorized tickets and Priority Settings
Email Notification of new responses
Canned Responses (allow you to create pre-written responses that you can easily select when replying to tickets)
Option to allow guests to create tickets
Option to allow users to attach files to tickets
Option to allow users to rate how useful a ticket was to them
Print View allows you to view all replies and ticket information for easy print access
Users can view their old and new tickets
Ticket Responses are paginated so that tickets with lots of replies don’t become a scroll-fest!
Users can change the priority of their own tickets and also close them if they solve their own issue
Admin Notes can be added for individual tickets that only staff can see and update.
User Registration and Login System
Allow users to register an account for your support system
Users who create many tickets will be able to manage their own tickets in an organized environment
Captcha codes added to prevent bots and spam
Passwords encrypted using the PHPass Library
Users can change their password and update their own settings
Forgotten Password feature added which allows user to reset their password via email
IP Blocking and Banning system integrated to stop annoying users.
Built On CodeIgniter and Bootstrap
Coded in PHP using the MVC design pattern.
Object Oriented Programming
Uses the CodeIgniter Framework, which is heavily documented on their website so it’s relatively easy for programmers to make changes
Uses the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework to give you lots of professional elements.
Layout can be easily modified in a single file.
Knowledge Base
Create helpful articles on common issues for your users
Use a WYSIWYG editor (tinyMCE Editor) to create professional looking content
Organize articles into categories
View articles by category
Search for articles using the search bar.
Option to allow users to rate an article
Admin Panel
Manage settings of your Support Centre through Admin Panel
Enable Attachment of Files
Enable Guest Tickets
Enable rating of tickets
Enable alert of new replies/tickets via email
Upload your own Site Logo and Description
Add your Twitter Account to display the latest tweets
Add Custom CSS to change the look of your site
Enable/Disable Knowledge Base Article Ratings
Manage users (ban and upgrade them)
View Ticket Ratings
Add Support Agents and Edit them
Add Knowledge Base Articles & Categories
Add Ticket Categories
Managed Canned Responses
IP Banning System
Agent Log (actions of what your support staff have been doing)
Add & Edit Custom Fields (custom ticket fields which users can enter information into when they create their own ticket. Can be dropdown menus, textboxes and regular input boxes.
Agent Panel
Support Agents have access to the Agent Panel which displays newly created Tickets
Can view by category, sort by priority and date of creation.
Can assign agents to a default category.
When an agent replies to a ticket, the ticket becomes listed under their Responded Tickets and when a user replies back, it will be listed under their own Open Tickets so they can keep track of them.
Can view all responded to tickets and open tickets.
Can view old closed tickets too
Can Search for tickets

15th July 2015
Small bug fixes
Files to overwrite: application/controllers/Login.php, application/controllers/Tickets.php

22 June 2015

Fixed Issue with updating passwords for users
Add logout link to Mobile version
Fixed Isset issues for Sessions
Fixed isset issues for replying to tickets
Updated Multi-Upload backend
Set file Types and File size in Global Settings in Admin Panel
Email Templates – Now can edit emails being sent out to your users directly from the Admin Panel.
Updated to CodeIgniter 3.0

10th September 2014

Removed French Routes
Fixed FileInfo Undefined Array
Option to disable SEO URLs for Knowledge Base Articles (admin Panel)
System Update: Now supports sites that don’t have mod_rewrite or permission to use their own .htaccess files!
Default Database option has been changed to mysqli (faster!)

09th July 2014

Fixed bug when Guest tried to close Guest Ticket
WYSIWYG Editor updated to include lots more options, including fonts, font-size, tables and more!
WYSIWYG Editor added to Ticket Replies and Canned Responses
Auto-Guest login URL generated when new guest tickets created.
Tickets for specific departments – assign staff to a specific ticket section only
Category name urls, article-name urls SEO friendly
Fixed SEO urls with Knowledge Base
Fixed a guest ticket login bug
Admin Notes no longer show up in print view if they are empty
User Settings no longer show up when not logged in
Upgraded System Files to latest version of CodeIgniter
Option to disable Captcha in Admin Panel

22nd April 2014

Fixed registration form bug on certain servers
NEW Assign Staff To Tickets System
Updated Agent Panel Ticket Lists to take into account Assigned Tickets
When Staff reply to a ticket, they are automatically assigned.
Can assign other staff to a ticket or remove staff
Disable Registration Option
Require user to be logged in to view Knowledge Base Option
New Statistics page
Can Now Edit Ticket Responses
Cached Tweets Implemented
Added Article Title to Knowledge Base Article links for SEO purposes

13th March 2014

WYSIWYG Editor (tinyMCE) has been updated to now allow you insert videos, view source code and preview mode.
Danish Character Support
Canned Responses – Create custom responses that allow you to answer tickets faster!
Ticket Responses now recognise linebreaks properly
Added View By Category to Edit Article Area

4th February 2014

The Support Centre is now compatible in Internet Explore 8
Fixed wrong Admin Links
NEW: Admin Notes have been added to Tickets. Staff can now add notes which are hidden from regular users.
NEW: Print View has been added which displays all tickets and information to make it easier to print tickets.
Fixed Javascript errors for subfolder installations
Updated Lib Filter library to work with PHP versions < 5.3
Fixed Responsive issues with Landscape Views
Fixed bug with Edit Agent and Edit User
Improved Responsive view of Support Centre on iPhones
When Admins login, they are redirected to the Agent Panel instead of Frontpage.

22nd January 2014

Added option to alert staff members via email when a new ticket is created or a new reply is received (can be disabled)
Updated Agent Panel view of Tickets (display name and ticketID)
Updated ticket reply boxes to stop collapsing on highlight
Updated Documentation with new Updating Section
Updated Documentation with new .htaccess solutions
15th January 2014
+ System is now translation ready
+ Improved Support Documentation for translating your site
+ Fixed Twitter Integration Bug on lower PHP versions
+ Improved Responsiveness on Mobiles
08 January 2014
+ Removed HTML Validation Errors
+ Fixed Date Handling
+ Added option to delete user in admin panel
07 January 2014
+ Fixed Install Issue
+ Fixed issue with creating tickets with no subject line

Live Preview

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