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What is Sorcerer?

Sorcerer is a jQuery UI widget that enhances HTML tables with features that provide interactivity and a better user experience.
It adds interactive features such as Collapsible, Movable & Resizable columns, managerial features like Filtering, Sorting & Pagination and even state maintenance through History & Viewstate.
The plugin is Highly customizable, compatible with most major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8+), and
due to the plentiful features and the Public API, Sorcerer can be very versatile (although it’s focus are data-centric HTML tables, it can be used to great effect for custom interfaces or use cases).
Sorcerer is top of the line in providing user friendly, interactive tables.

Easy layout manipulation (Collapsable, Movable & Resizable columns)
Useful data management (Filterable & Sortable columns on a Paginated table)
Personalized state maintenance (undo/redo/default functionality a.k.a. History, along with saveable/loadable Viewstates)
Provides the best personalized experience when browsing and managing data tables
Easy installation
Plenty of options (general and behavior-specific ones)
Customizable UI (markup and contents)
Easily themeable
Lightweight table management suite
Extended Demos in the source package
Detailed documentation in the source package
Free updates (download future updates for free here)
Multiple instances on one page
Public API to enable custom UI’s or procedural calls
Browser Support

Sorcerer works in all modern browsers and older browsers aswell, including IE7 (with one simple limitation
on the column’s context menu that showcases enabled behaviors)

Dependencies & Requirements
jQuery 1.8.1+
jQuery UI 1.9.x+

Amazing font icons used: Font Awesome by Dave Gandy –

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