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Firetask Lite – Ionic 2 Firebase Todo Application Template

Firetask Lite is a smaller version of Firetask. While the Classic version are focused in User/Auth features, the Lite version is just focused on what we can call “CRUD” using Firebase. It’s […]


Ion-Press – A WordPress to Native Ionic iOS & Android App with GEO Location Push messages and more..

This product will convert your existing wordpress website into a full fledge mobile app with native Ionic controls in just few steps . It comes with a very powerfull api which talk’s […]


Firetask – Ionic 2 and Firebase 3 full application

Firetask is a fully application built on top of Ionic 2 and Firebase 3. It implements nice features like Angular 2 RC4 Account Management Analytics Native Cordova Plugins Offline Support Pure Typescript […]