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A Machine Operator Removes a Brilliant a Rotating Part With a Milling Machine With Coolant.

A machine operator removes a brilliant a rotating part with a milling machine with coolant. Drilling-milling machine is characterized by a departure and greatest course of spindle, speed, and other factors. In […]


Process Deep Hole Drilling On a Lathe Using a Generous Flow Of Coolant, Rotating Portion.

Process deep hole drilling on a lathe using a generous flow of coolant, rotating portion. Liquid is supplied under high pressure, sprayed and dripping with details. Lubricant coolant when drilling deep must […]


Factory Workers Discuss Work Plan, With Remote Control Of CNC.

Factory workers discuss work plan, with remote control of CNC. Duties of machine operators include process control, machining parts, control operation of machine, adjustment of control programs. These professionals carry out selection […]