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The Jungle Guard is an endless tower defense (waves-based) game. You need to protect the jungle tower from enemies.
Erika is your character. You need to train her and upgrade her skills regularly in order to defeat the zombies waves. On the other hand, zombies are getting stronger and more in terms of number for each new wave.
There are many skills and tools that you can use! The key is that how you will be able to mange your spent coins and to pick the right skill or tool the right time.

How To Play
The game can be played using keyboard and mouse only (no touch control):
Key(A): Run Left
Key(D): Run Right
Key (W): Jump (double jump)
Key(S): Fall down

Click and Hold the Mouse Left button: Draw an arrow
Move mouse cursor while holding the Mouse Left button to Aim
Once ready release the button to shoot.

Platform: Desktop

The game has been built using Construct 2. In order to modify and reuse the source code you need a Construct 2 personal license.

To change the images, you need to replace the images inside the html5 game folder.

To modify game (waves, coins calculations…etc) and/or to use
third party advertisements (such as AdMob) you can do this by modifying Construct 2 files.

Live Preview

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