Download The WordPress Ninja URL Shortener & Bar nulled download

An unique WordPress Premium Plugin and Stand Alone App which automatically includes your own self hosted and customized toolbar in your site and on all outgoing links from your blog posts and a lot of extra features.

URL Shortener and Monetization App. Increases your page views and time on site. Offers to your readers and unique way to discover even more related contents suggested by the bar.

Receive even more traffic from Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin with every share done using the light weight but powerful social share buttons on your bar. And those are just the pike of the iceberg,

One usage example is what I do with it on my twitter timeline links . If you click on any link on my timeline it will show you a plain text version of the linked site with my bar on top as I´m forcing the mobile reader to transform the content of the linked site to a mobile friendly version all the time for a more user friendly reading experience.

( I´m using on twitter the “Mobile Detector & Reader Plugin for the Ninja Bar” together with theRSS Joiner & Mixer for the WordPress Ninja Bar for auto posting mixed RSS feeds)

External links on your blog will show like that, with the bar on top.

Live Preview

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