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Introducing our ultimate contact form

This new form supersedes our previous forms and rolls all of their best bits into one, easy to install and manage product.

Live Demo

You can view a live demo by clicking “Live Preview” below the product image.

You won’t receive an email (emails go to site admin, not users).
As this is a demo, the email doesn’t go anywhere, but you’ll see what feedback the user will get.

Features List
Easy integration/instructions into your current PHP site
Progressively enhanced (fully functional without JS or CSS)
Field type validation (HTML, javascript fallback with PHP backup)
Required field validation
Multiple forms per page allowed
Pretty select boxes
Repeat submission prevention
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack prevention
No database required
SMTP option available (default is PHP’s mail())
Translations via simple JSON file
AJAX enabled (no page reloads)
CSS animations on messaging and active field
Google reCAPTCHA capable (no-captcha-recaptcha), honeypot backup
Mobile friendly
Supports file(s) uploads to attach to email
Multiple “send to” addresses on submission
Optional success custom page redirect
Extremely clean, well commented code

Server & Browser Support
Latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari

I’m hosting with 123-reg and my form won’t work
We use CURL to retrieve the contents of the translations.json file, however 123-reg don’t allow CURL to be used for “same server” file retrieval. We assume this is some overly cautious security measure.
This is a relatively simple fix (it’s one line of code), so please don’t let this put you off buying the form.

Support & Bug Reporting

Here at Jigowatt, we try to produce the best products we
can for sale on Envato.

If you find a problem with our product, we want to know
about it straight away.

If you have found a legitimate bug in our code, we’ll fix
it in a timely fashion and update the product.
If we remember, we will also credit you for finding it.

If you are having problems getting the product working or
have modified the code, we can offer help, but it may be
chargeable at £60/hr.

The reason for this is that the product costs less than an
hour of our developers’ time, and we have to cover our

Thank you for understanding.

Live Preview

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