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videoBox – Video Sharing Platform
videoBox is a video sharing platform based on YouTube API and your own videos.
With videoBox you will be able to create your own video sharing portal through which you can share your videos with other people and make money from advertising and affiliating.
Uploading videos from PC
Uploading (Grabing) videos from YouTube
Like & Unlike Module
Sharing videos through embed code or social networks
Browsing videos by keywords and categories
Automatically grabbing thumbnail images, duration, title and description from YouTube videos
Video views counter
Responsive HTML5 video player with many functions
Users can login / register
Users can manage their channels
Users can have custom avatar and cover
Users can send messages to other users (channels)
SEO Optimized
SEO Friendly URLs
Clean and Simple
Easy Installation
Widgets System – You can add, edit, delete widgets
Comments System – Users can write comments to the videos
Admin Panel – The place from which you can manage your entire site
Videos Managment – You can upload, edit, delete videos
Comments Managment – You can add, edit, delete comments
Channels (Users) Management – You can view, edit and delete channels (users)
Good Security – The site will be protected from hackers or unwanted visitors
Shell Scanner – It scans for files with malicious content or shells
Guard System (Security System) – System that will protect your site
Ban System – You can block certain users to visit your site
Video Categories – You can manage the video categories
Advertisment System – You can place ads on your site
Search System – Users can search in the site
Well Documented
Nice UI
Works with Database
Files Managment – You can upload, view, delete files
Administrators Managment – You can add, edit, delete site administrators
and many more…
PHP 5.x or higher version
MySQL 5.x or higher version
Upload on host via FTP
Configure the config.php file
Import the SQL file in the database
Enter in the Admin Panel (admin/admin are the details) and configure your site from the Settings page
Now you have fully installed videoBox

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