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This is the first Virtual Reality experience on Envato.

Is a simple game, 360 degrees type, it works with VR glasses, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear.The game is created using Unity and images are rendered in Photoshop (PSD source files included).

The scope

First, you are sitting in the middle of the room. You can view all the room sides by turning your head. You have to find text clues hidden in the room (For the first level, the text is ‘Find the bench’). Than you have to find the object you are looking for in the room, and tap on it, this way you will go to the next level (next object to search). There are 2 levels only, just to give you a boost. There are also start menu scene, and the end scene, with specific menu buttons included. Nothing fancy, just something to start from.

Images used in the game are from Google+ Photo Sphere Community (

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