Download Weekly Planner - AngularJS directive nulled download

Weekly Planner – AngularJS calendar directive

Install the following 2 softwares

1.Node (Server)
Ready to use nodejs backend
Drag start and end time on calendar
set multiple events on the calendar with colors
On edit mode other events can not be edited
Create planner pdf
PDF will generate date wise grouped data
Local storage save for sample data save
Node.js and NPM >= v0.12.0
Technology Stack Used
AngularJS 1.4.9
Node.JS 4.2.3
declare directive on HTML Page for calendar
Follow the below path
client > app > main > main.html
components > calendar > directives > fullcalendar.js
Run the following commands and the application will start automatically
npm install yo -g (Install yeoman for scaffolding web application)
npm install grunt-cli -g (This creates and runs javascript repetative tasks)
npm install bower -g ( A frontend package manager for web applications)
npm install (Install all nodejs dependencies, also automatically installs bower components)
Buid and Run
grunt serve
[for running in dev environment with livereload] grunt serve:dist
[Buid and run in production mode] grunt –force
[buid with Administrator rights] Note : If any of the test failed or any error in running application, please install npm and bower with latest verion
and in Administrator mode in command prompt

Live Preview

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