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WP Custom Popups is a way of making sure that your site visitors get a message. Whether it is an announcement, advertisement, collection of informatio WP Custom Popups can help you do it. The popup messages are displayed as soon as the visitors opens the page.

Popups are shown when the page the page is loaded
Easily control the frequency of the popups using a slider, or set a number of times to show per day,week or month
Allows you to set a date for automaticaly deactivating a popup
If you have more than on popup message active, they are randomly rotated
Create content using the wordpress editor or create HTML+CSS content
Show popup only on specific pages
Can handle shortcode content
Getting started:

This is how you create a popup:

Click on the icon next to the heading that looks like this pencil with a plus.
You will be taken to a page that takes 4 values.
Name: this is just a title that will help you the administrator distinguish one popup from the others
Content: this is what will be put on the popup. This is where you message goes
How often to display: this is self explanatory. You can think of it as a scale of the percentage of times the popup will be displayed. 0 is on the left and 100 on the left.
Automatic disable on: this is the date on which you want the popup to stop showing.
You can then choose to only save the popup. You will get a link to preview the popup in the success message at the top.
Once you are satisfied you can click on the save and publish button and the message will be displayed to your site visitors on every page.

Live Preview

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