Download WpZApp - Ionic WordPress app with Admob nulled download

WpZ is a WordPress to Android/iPhone working template built using ionic and integrated with Admob.
This cordova/phonegap template will help you to easily convert your WordPress blog to Android,or
IPhone App.
This app is built using Angulasjs and Ionicframework which makes it is easy for users to create WordPress android apps using latest web technologies.
This app does not require a lot of experience in programming. You just need to installed a pluggin in your wordpress website, Activate it, copy the URL and paste in one line of code. Then you are ready to go.
If you are a developper this is a perfect starter for you to make MONEY online. We integrated Admob system and you will just need to create a admob account and copy over theadmob ids.
This app is already in the market

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