Download Your own Dropbox Place with easy File Uploading with Progress Bar nulled download

If you’re looking for a fast and secure way to get files from people or you need a way to quickly send yourself files from anywhere (mobile, desktop) via the browser, then this web app is for you.

Recently, because my DEMO script here uses file uploads on my server and the DEMO password was seen by anyone, a “Benevolent Algerian Hacker” managed to upload his exploit file and then removed all my files on my server, so I removed the DEMO version where you could see how my app works.

This web-app is secure as long as you don’t show your login password anywhere. And my DEMO version had the password shown for everyone who wanted to test my web-app. I hope you understand.
I will only leave here the image above where you see how my app works in a graphic explanatory image.

Give your dropBox installation http link and the login password to any of your friends or coleagues and they can upload you a file back in minutes.
No upload speed limits or size of file (the maximum that your web server allows).
Javascript AJAX realtime file uploader with animated progress bar and with some statistics as well (KB/s, seconds elapsed, minutes remaining)
3 nice CSS graphic themes included (more to be added soon).
Mobile-friendly (responsive front-end)
No mySql database required this time
Easy installing in one step.
Easily managing (downloading and deleting) of the uploaded files, using your admin password.
Send yourself files safely from anywhere to your dropBox (from your phone, tablet or someone else’s computer) that you can download when you get home.
If you have enough disk-space, you can keep the uploaded files there if you want to access them from anywhere later, thus having your big hdd space in “the Cloud”, managed by yourself, and with as much space as you have on your hosting
Also, if you’re looking for a piece of code like ours, you can easily include / integrate the code here from our tiny project in any of your PHP/Javascript powered custom web projects (we have provided a lenghty documentation with specific details on how everything here works, inside the pack. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading this and we hope that our piece of code will benefit you in your work, professionaly or personally.

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