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Need a powerful, web-based shared calendar where you can schedule or book your own appointments, as well as share with a group and invite others? Do you want to be able to schedule usage of resources such as rooms, vehicles, audio/video equipment and other inventory? Do you want to allow shared booking of those resources? Want to use the power of online calendars (such as Google Calendar) on your own server?

If so, Zhen Calendar may be perfect for you! Zhen Calendar has the following features:

Multiple users: Add appointments, for yourself and other users. You will be able to see when other users are busy or not.
Privacy with sharing: View other users’ calendars to see when they are busy/free, though you will not be able to see their events themselves.
Resources: Want to be able to schedule things like meeting rooms, vehicles (cars, trucks, etc), audio/video equipment (cameras, video cameras, computers, laptops, etc) with others? You can create resources and view the schedule for these resources, as well as when they are used by other parties.
Smart scheduling: No more double booking – this system will not allow you to schedule a person or resource when they are busy. So no more confusion or double bookings of meeting rooms!

If you are looking for a web-based calendar to schedule users and resources, look no further than Zhen Calendar!

Demo: Use admin / [email protected] to log in and test features.

Installation instructions: (1) Unzip files on server (2) Run /app/telerim/sql/app.sql on your MySQL database (3) Copy /app/Config/database.php.default to /app/Config/database.php and update this new file with your MySQL database settings. (4) Hit the public URL on your server with your browser, login as admin / [email protected] and change settings.

This system has the same common features as other Zhen apps:
Self-hosted: Host on your own server or shared host with only PHP/MySQL as requirements.
Web-based: Use from any browser.
Secure and private: Your copy of Zhen applications is your own, and runs on your own servers, so you have full control.
Customization: If you or your developer know CakePHP/PHP/MySQL, you can fully customize your local copy of Zhen Calendar.

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